Financial Donations

God calls us in many different ways as Christians to use the gifts we have been blessed with to minister to the lost. We look to our brothers and sisters in Christ to help support our efforts to be a light in the community. At Charity Baptist Mission and Church, we will continue to serve with the support from Christians like you. All financial donations, including gift cards, have been and will continue to be a blessing on our ministry keeping our shelves stocked with food products throughout the year.

Here is how you can help...

1) Send a CHECK/MONEY ORDER or GIFT CARDS to: Charity Baptist Church Contact Info

~ OR ~

2) Contact Pastor Pete at to make arrangements for all types of donations as well as receiving a receipt for your charitable donation tax deduction.

Donation Sharing Service

We wanted to enable those that want to donate items, not clothing or food, to have a place to share with those that might have a need for these items. (Example: tables & chairs, vacuums, appliances, dressers, bed frames, and such) This is a first come, first serve sharing service.

Interested in receiving our email posts of donated items?

Please follow one of the two options below:

Option 1, fill out the form provided (Donation Sharing Service Form), Click 'Email' button to automatically send to our donation team and you are done...otherwise goto Option 2.

Option 2, contact our Donations Team through the following email address and attach the Donation Sharing Service form

~ Include the Following ~

Please, provide us with some information to add you to our list

Subject: of email must state - DONATION SHARING SERVICE

Include: Your First and Last Name

Include: Your Home Address and Phone Number

Include: Your Email Address

Include: Whether you want to join, edit, or stop getting emails from us. Type 'ADD', 'EDIT', or 'REMOVE'

Then, we will add or update your email information that will enable you to receive any posted email to our Donation Sharing Service email address.

Finally, when you receive an email (first come first serve) you can choose to contact the person who has the item they wish to donate and make arrangements for the exchange date and time. This avoids our church from getting overwhelmed with un-wanted items stacking up in rooms we don't have.

Note: ANY and ALL abuse/misuse or inappropriate content will be removed from the service.

If you are in need of something specific clothing item or size, don't hesitate to contact Suzen at for any requests and the donation team will do our best to fulfill those requests.


Have something another could use?

PLEASE, Email us at


Include: Your First and Last Name

Include: The item name that you are willing to donate.

Include: Details of the item - dimensions, color, make, model, pictures, etc.

Include: Any issues that the item may have, especially if there are broken or missing pieces.

Note: The Email Address you send from will be the contact information provided to all for a personal response.
ANY and ALL abuse/misuse or inappropriate content will be removed from the service.

If you don't want to share your email with all enrolled, then inform our Donation Team at